New Patients: Your Journey Starts Here!

At Integrative Dental Care, our mission is firmly grounded in our belief in a holistic approach to oral health. This implies that we not only look at and treat specific oral issues, but also appreciate and address the relationship between oral health and overall wellbeing. Our dedication is to help our patients maintain healthy smiles that radiate their vitality and well-being, for a lifetime.

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Your First Visit!

We’re thrilled to see new faces at Integrative Dental Care and are even more excited to welcome you into our family. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy, bright smile that they can be proud of, and our dedicated team is here to help make that a reality for you.

As a new patient at Integrative Dental Care, you can look forward to receiving high-quality, compassionate care that caters to all aspects of your dental health. We focus on preventative care, but offer a wide array of dental services from routine cleanings to complex procedures.

At our practice, we combine the best of modern dentistry with holistic health principles. Our goal is to not only keep your mouth healthy but to also promote your overall well-being. You can trust that your health is our top priority.

New Patient Forms

Becoming a new patient is easy! To get started, simply fill out the new patient forms by clicking the button below and our team will contact you to set up your first appointment. To make your visit even easier, we accept a variety of payment methods and insurance plans.

New Patient Forms

Thank You for Your Trust!

Your decision to trust us with your oral health care is deeply appreciated by our entire team. We understand the magnitude of this trust and we want to assure you that we will tirelessly strive to meet and exceed your expectations, always prioritizing your comfort and wellbeing.

Welcome to our family. We look forward to serving you!

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