Same Day Inlays and Onlays
in Burlington, VT.

At Integrative Dental Care, we’re not just passionate about your smile—we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way it’s cared for.

The Future of Your Smile Restored in a Single Visit

With the advent of our Same Day Inlays and Onlays service, we’re proud to offer a solution that blends cutting-edge technology with supreme dental care, ensuring your oral health is not just restored, but revitalized, all within a single appointment.

What are Same Day Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays and onlays are custom-made dental restorations used to repair rear teeth that have mild to moderate tooth decay, or fractured teeth that aren’t sufficiently damaged to require a crown. Consider them the perfect middle ground between a filling and a crown. But here’s the clincher—our Same Day service means just that. You walk into our office with dental issues and walk out with a restored, functional, and beautiful smile, all without the need for multiple visits.

No More Goopy Impressions

Gone are the days of uncomfortable, goopy impressions. Our state-of-the-art 3D intraoral scanner ensures a precise and comfortable experience. This cutting-edge technology allows us to capture a detailed 3D model of your tooth in minutes, all without any discomfort.

Strength and Durability Meets Precision

Our Same Day inlays and onlays are crafted from a fully bonded resin material that’s not just a temporary fix; it’s a durable solution. Significantly stronger and longer-lasting than traditional fillings, these restorations are like a puzzle piece meticulously designed to fit your tooth. The result? A restoration that seamlessly integrates with your tooth, enhancing strength, longevity, and functionality.

A Perfect Fit Every Time

Thanks to our 3D milling machine, each inlay and onlay is sculpted to an exact fit for your tooth. This precision not only eliminates the need for temporary restorations but also ensures a much stronger bond to your tooth. The custom-fit design also reduces the chance of breakage and makes it more functional for chewing.

Why Choose Same Day Inlays and Onlays?

  • Convenience: Complete your dental restoration in a single visit—no need to schedule multiple appointments or deal with temporaries.
  • Comfort: Say goodbye to goopy impressions. Our 3D intraoral scanner is all about precision and comfort.
  • Durability: Enjoy a solution that’s designed to last significantly longer than traditional fillings, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Strength: Benefit from a restoration that enhances your tooth’s structural integrity, offering you more to smile about.
  • Aesthetics: Our restorations are not only functional but also beautifully crafted to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Experience Immediate Smile Enhancements at Integrative Dental Care

Your smile deserves the best, and at Integrative Dental Care, we’re here to deliver just that with our Same Day Inlays and Onlays. Don’t let tooth decay or damage keep you from experiencing the full joy of a healthy, vibrant smile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and discover the difference of Same Day Inlays and Onlays. Because why wait for a better smile, when you can have it today?