Preventative Dentistry

At Integrative Dental Care, we promote prevention as being the best way to maintain a radiant smile and avoid dental problems in the future. With this philosophy in mind, we are deeply committed to empowering each of our patients with knowledge, techniques, and solutions necessary for preventing oral health issues even before they occur.

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Explore Our Preventative Dental Services

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Dental checkups and cleanings are vital procedures that maintain not just oral health, but overall well-being. Regular checkups allow our dentists to identify and treat potential issues early, preventing serious complications down the line. Meanwhile, professional cleanings remove stubborn plaque and tartar that daily brushing and flossing might miss. So don’t wait until you have a problem; book your routine dental checkup and cleaning today and let your healthy smile shine!

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Wellness Scans

Dental Wellness Scans are modern diagnostic tools that our dentists use to effectively assess the overall oral health of a patient. These comprehensive scans provide precise, 3D images that allow our team to identify any potential dental issues like tooth decay, gum diseases, or oral cancer at an early stage. Utilizing the most advanced technology, these scans provide accurate information and contribute greatly to preventative dental care, helping maintain optimal oral health.

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Gum Disease Therapy

Gum Disease Therapy is an effective solution for those suffering from various stages of gum disease. It consists of procedures like scaling and root planing, flap surgery, bone grafts and tissue regeneration to treat inflammation, bleeding, receding gums, and bone loss around teeth. With regular treatment and proper dental hygiene, one can effectively control gum disease, protecting and enhancing overall oral health. The therapy is usually performed by our skilled dental professionals who provide personalized and gentle care.

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Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin, protective coatings used in dentistry to shield the teeth, particularly the back teeth, from decay. Applied to the chewing surfaces, they effectively ‘seal off’ the tooth from harmful bacteria and acids. Easy to apply, the process is non-invasive, painless and quick, and can greatly reduce the risk of cavities, making them especially beneficial for children and teenagers.

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Flouride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are a type of preventative dental care designed to strengthen the enamel on your teeth, making it more difficult for cavities to occur. These treatments, often given during a routine dental checkup, can be administered as a gel, foam or varnish. They are safe and highly beneficial, particularly for individuals who are prone to cavities. Regular fluoride treatments can protect your teeth, boost your oral health and potentially save you money on more extensive dental work in the future.

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Ozone Treatments

Dental ozone treatments are an innovative approach in our practice that uses ozone gas to treat a variety of dental conditions. This powerful oxidizing agent is effective in killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, making it ideal for disinfecting tooth cavities, treating periodontal disease, or sanitizing root canals. The treatment is quick, non-invasive, and completely safe, reducing the need for antibiotics and potential side effects. With dental ozone treatments, maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing serious dental problems is now easier and more comfortable.

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Laser Therapy

Dental Laser Therapy involves the use of lasers to perform various dental procedures more comfortably. It’s highly effective in procedures involving the gums and the interior part of the teeth. Benefits of this treatment include minimal discomfort, quicker healing, less bleeding and sterilization of the area, reducing the risk of infection. The versatility of Dental Laser Therapy makes it suitable for tasks ranging from cavity detection to tooth preparation and even whitening procedures.

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Your Pathway to Optimal
Dental Health.

Through a range of preventative dental care procedures, such as routine cleanings, regular check-ups, dental x-rays, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and patient education, we strive to help you build a strong foundation for excellent dental health that lasts a lifetime.

Why Preventative Dentistry?
  1. Reduces Risk of Dental Issues
    Preventative dentistry focuses on regular check-ups, cleanings, and dental care education to reduce the risk of serious dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. Early detection of these problems can lead to less complicated and less costly treatments.
  2. Improves Overall Health
    Good oral health can significantly impact a person’s overall health. Poor dental health can lead to a variety of health complications, including heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory issues. Thus, preventative dentistry promotes overall health by ensuring oral hygiene and health.
  3. Saves Money
    Preventative dentistry helps avoid significant dental treatments or surgeries in the future. By regularly investing in smaller, preventive measures, patients can save a significant amount of money in the long run that may otherwise be spent on more extensive dental procedures.