Welcome to Integrative Dental Care – Your Gateway in Burlington, VT to a Radiant Smile with Veneers

At Integrative Dental Care, we’re not just about giving you a new smile; we’re about redefining your smile experience with a unique blend of technology and artistry. Veneers, thin yet resilient layers of ceramic meticulously crafted to cover the front surface of your teeth, are one of the prime tools we use in this transformation. Whether it’s about correcting discolorations, closing gaps, or adjusting the shape of your teeth, veneers offer a versatile solution. But at Integrative Dental Care, we take the journey to your perfect smile a few significant steps further.

Our Unique Approach to Veneers: A Digital Smile Design Journey

Your smile makeover starts with a vision, and at Integrative Dental Care, we bring that vision to life even before the treatment begins. Our approach to veneers is underpinned by an exhaustive pre-treatment process we like to call your Digital Smile Design.

  1. Digital Precision: Instead of diving straight into the procedure, we start with an extensive digital mapping of your current dental state. This involves taking a high-definition digital scan of your teeth and capturing detailed photos.
  2. See Your Future Smile: Utilizing advanced software, we design your future smile digitally. This crucial step allows you and our team to visualize the final outcome. You’ll see what your smile could look like, providing an invaluable preview and the opportunity for any tweaks before the physical work begins.
  3. Collaborative Decision Making: This digital preview becomes the foundation for a collaborative decision-making process. You’re not just a passive recipient of dental care; you’re an active participant in designing your new smile.

The Pinnacle of Aesthetic and Preservation with Emax Veneers

In our pursuit of providing unparalleled aesthetics without compromise, we exclusively use top-of-the-line ceramic products, namely lithium disilicate or Emax veneers. Renowned for their superior aesthetic qualities, Emax veneers not only mimic the natural translucency and gloss of healthy tooth enamel but also boast impressive durability.

  • Less Is More: True to our integrative philosophy, our application of veneers involves removing the minimal amount of tooth structure necessary. This approach is made possible by our initial digital pre-engineering work, ensuring that we maintain as much of your natural tooth as possible while achieving optimal results.
  • The Aesthetic Choice: Emax veneers stand out for their beauty, offering a blend of strength and delicacy that brings your dream smile to life without the need for significant alterations to your natural teeth.

Why Choose Integrative Dental Care for Your Veneers?

At Integrative Dental Care, your smile makeover is more than a procedure; it’s a journey of transformation where precision meets artistry. With our digital smile design process and commitment to using only the best materials like Emax veneers, we ensure a smile that’s not only beautiful but also preserves the essence of what makes you, you.

  • Visualize and Participate: With our digital smile design, see and contribute to the creation of your new smile before the procedure begins.
  • Minimally Invasive, Maximally Aesthetic: Benefit from our philosophy of minimal tooth alteration and the superior aesthetics of Emax veneers.
  • Integrative Care: We blend technology, aesthetics, and personalized care to not just meet but exceed your smile expectations.

Ready for a Smile That Transforms Your Confidence?

Your journey to an unforgettable smile begins here, at Integrative Dental Care. Connect with us to discover how our bespoke veneers approach can redefine your smile and your future.

Join us at Integrative Dental Care, where your dream smile awaits.