At Integrative Dental Care, Guided Implant Surgery is Our Gold Standard

At Integrative Dental Care, we are passionate about elevating your dental health experience. Embracing innovation at every step, we are proud to offer you an advanced, safer, and more predictable way to restore your smile with our Holistic Implant Dentistry services. Dive into a world where cutting-edge technology meets meticulous care, and discover why our approach is not just revolutionary but deeply caring.

Where Precision Meets Predictability

Guided Implant Surgery

Unlike the traditional approach where uncertainties loom large, our clinic stands out by employing guided surgery for every single implant case. Our dentists and dedicated team take immense pride in meticulously planning your implant journey. With us, there’s no cowboying – we reject the invasive guesswork and embrace precision.

Our Groundbreaking Process

  1. 3D Digital Mapping: Every journey begins with an intricate digital scan above the gum line and a 3D cone beam x-ray below it, capturing your bone levels in unprecedented detail.
  2. Virtual Implant Planning: Leveraging specialized software, we merge these scans to plan your implant with absolute precision. This phase allows us to visualize and perform the surgery virtually, ensuring the implant placement is safe, away from vital structures, nerves, and adjacent tooth roots.
  3. Custom Surgical Guides: The meticulous virtual planning culminates in creating a tailor-made surgical guide. This guide is our beacon during the actual surgery, ensuring we adhere to the pre-planned path without deviation. Its built-in stopper protects against over-drilling, highlighting our commitment to your safety.

Why BioHorizons?

In our quest for perfection, we choose BioHorizons for our implants. Known for their pioneering Laser-Lok technology, these implants promise superior stability and adherence to the gum line, ensuring a long-lasting, stronger bond that truly stands the test of time.

Experience The Integrative Dental Care Difference

We Practice “Safety First”

Our approach drastically minimizes the risk of injury to adjacent teeth and vital structures, offering you peace of mind.

Expect Predictable Outcomes

With virtual planning and guided surgery, what we plan is what you get. Say goodbye to uncertainties.

Less Invasive, More Comfort

Our precision eliminates the need for extensive invasive procedures, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable recovery.

Join Us on a Journey to Excellence

Our vision for Holistic Implant Dentistry at Integrative Dental Care is more than just a service; it’s a gold standard we believe will shape the future of implant dentistry. We invite you to experience the extraordinary difference of our implant process, where innovation, safety, and holistic care blend seamlessly to redefine your smile.

Embrace a future where your smile shines brighter, powered by the expertise and innovative care at Integrative Dental Care. Discover the pinnacle of implant dentistry with us – because your smile deserves nothing but the best.

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